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Rights Respecting School News, 24.9.21

Here's an overview of this week's Rights Respecting School news...

This week our Rights Respecting School steering group have been busy looking for and collecting litter around the school grounds as we know that all children have the right to an adequate standard of living (Article 27). As a school we have been learning about how litter can impact our local areas and communities and so decided we could help by doing some litter picking.  Our school steering group also officially opened our Tiger’s role-play Tuck shop this week as our friends in school all have the right to healthy, tasty food (Article 24 – All children have the right to healthy and nutritious food) . Learners from across the school came with their own homemade £1 coins to practice exchanging them for a delicious snack.  We spent some time before opening our shop practising our selling skills by doing some role-play in class.