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Rights Respecting School News, 8.10.2021

Here's an overview of this week's Rights Respecting School news...

This week the learners in our school have all been busy getting ready for the talent themed whole school film festival. Learners have had great fun exploring their different talents as part of their right to ‘goals of education’ (Article 29) which ensures that schools must work to develop children’s individual talents and personalities to the full. Adults in school have been recording these special moments to share with you later in the month - so I am not going to spoil the show by including pictures in this week's news.  Our Rights Respecting School lead Kirstie has also been busy working with the steering group to collect lots of different evidence across the school of how hard we have all worked to promote children’s rights. We still need some quotes from parents about children’s rights, so please do get in touch if you have a minute to email a short sentence or two. As part of children’s right to be healthy (Article 24), our RRS lead has also now taken over the promotion for children’s oral health at school. Next week we will be sending home tooth brushing packs and hopefully we will soon also be able to commence tooth brushing in school again as part of our ‘My Independence’ work.  Have a lovely weekend enjoying your right to relax, play and experience arts and cultures!