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Week beginning 20/3/17

This week in the Ducklings class ….


We have studied time. We explored clocks and how clocks can all look different.
We made our own clock and a watch to play with.

We also studied in more detail about play time and work time.

We looked at a picture of our play ground and classroom, and decided if a symbol needed to be added to the playground photo, or the classroom photo.


In literacy we have continued to practise our scissor skills and pencil control. We wrote in our Mother’s Day cards.

Other activities we have completed include


Moorland Home

We were lucky enough to visit Moorland Home this week. The weather was amazing for us and we enjoyed jumping on trampolines, sliding down a HUGE slide and climbing on all their apparatus.

Soft Play- where we exercised by running around and climbing up steps and sliding down slide

Made Mother’s Day Cards…For our lovely mums


And made biscuits so they can enjoy breakfast in bed on Sunday!!


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and a very special day on Sunday to all those special people who look after us.


The Ducklings Staff