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Week Beginning 06/03/17

The Ducklings have been very busy.      

In Maths we have been looking at numbers.

Some children have been looking at the pre skills needed for counting

  • Looking at a line,
  • Scanning from left to right
  • Putting pegs on a washing line from left to right (not travelling backwards and forwards]
  • Listening to adults counting
  • Practising touching objects one at a time
  • Singing 5 little monkey songs
  • Touching a story sequencer in the correct order, with a recorded voice saying the numbers one at a time
  • Made flowers out of 2 d shapes for our display

Other children have been

  • counting objects whilst counting out loud
  • Outing out a requested number from a larger group
  • Transferring counting skills of objects to counting pictures on a work sheet and circling the correct number from a choice of 2

In Literacy we have

  • Concentrated on practising our letter sounds
  • Joined in with letter sound actions
  • Continue to work on pencil control
  • Scissor skills
  • listened to the story of the three little pigs.
  • We have explored straw and made a house out of straw for the display
  • Learnt how to play with the bricks using our imagination…we made a house of bricks for our toys pigs.

In the afternoons we have

  • joined in with tumble tots movement to music to help keep us fit,
  • made a card and present for a very special person
  • completed a picture in the theme of the artist Henri Matisse

Next Week is Science week, and the celebration of Holi!
So we will complete Holi celebration activities every morning, and science activities every afternoon! Expect some very tired little people at the end of each school day.

See you next week