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22nd September 2021, Parent-Carer Group

Here's an overview of this week's parent-carer group session...

Sadly, it’s inevitable that one day you will need to support your child during the death of a loved one, whether it be their pet, a family member or a friend, and today's session aimed to provide our parents-carers with the knowledge and understanding of how to support children (with SEN) during bereavement.  The session was led by Julie Greenwood, a #Thrive Children and Young Persons Wellbeing Practitioner.

Parents/carers were welcomed to discuss their personal experiences and encouraged to support one-another.  

Next week's session we'll begin to cover topics such as supporting your child( with SEN)  to understand and manage their feelings, for example feelings of anxiety, separation anxiety and ‘big emotions,' with George Horwood, a #Thrive Children and Young Persons Wellbeing Practitioner.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Springside's Family Support Worker