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28th September 2021, Parent-Carer Group

Here's an overview of this week's parent-carer group session...

Today our session had a focus on 'Sensory Needs and Differences’ information was provided by the Occupational Therapy Team and presented to us by Abi from Barnardo’s.  We spoke openly about our children’s preferences and dislikes, and how we can support them to complete everyday tasks.  


Today’s session was also the perfect example of how these workshops enable the sharing of information and enhance the support that parent-carers receive.  As part of the general discussions within the session, it became clear that one of our families has been purchasing nappies/pads for their child.  Other parents at the session were able to advise that the school nursing team can arrange for nappies/pads to be ordered and delivered to your home address, free of charge.  Once it became known that this family were not in receipt of free nappies/pads, I was able to provide support in making the referral which will now significantly reduce the family’s household costs.  It’s sessions like todays that prove when we come together we can make a positive difference!


We also shared information about the Family Fund, in regard to making applications to support the funding of items and equipment such as MacLaren strollers, etc.


Other discussions revolved around the anxieties and feelings associated when children transition to school, of course this was felt by everyone, and it was lovely to see a shared understanding.  More so, it was wonderful to hear parents/carers of children who have attended Springside for a while, reassure those who have just begun their special education journey.  Our parents really supported one another today!

Thank you to Abi for leading the Shine+ workshop, we look forward to next week’s session.


Springside’s Family Support Worker