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12th October 2021, Parent-Carer Group

Here's an overview of this week's parent-carer group session...

This week's session was the final week of our 5-week Shine+ Workshop which has been presented by Abi from Barnardos.  Parents/Carers have discussed a wide range of topics which has not only enhanced knowledge and understanding but also provided the grounds for some amazing conversations.  This workshop has allowed us to talk about our own personal experiences in relation to each topic and also take handy hints/tips from theirs too.  

During this week's session various conversations arose, such as...

  • children struggling with sleep, we referred back to 'co regulation' in week one
  • children smearing faeces, we discussed social stories and how they may be able to help
  • children preferring to be naked and undressing in public places, we discussed SRE lessons in school and how they are supporting learners to understand private and public.  
  • Difficulties with neighbours, it seems some neighbours within the community are not so understanding when it comes to children's SEN behaviour.   Multiple parent/carers have had complaints/disagreements with neighbours due to their children's needs- though there were also some really positive experiences too!
  • Parents raised the fact that they'd like to meet with dieticians to learn more about how to introduce their children to other foods, in the hope to broaden the 'beige-dry' diet of their children. (Carole to organise)

Thank you to Barnardos for attending and thanks to our parents/carers for supporting one-another during the sessions.

Carole Kelly

Springside Family Support Worker