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13th October 2021, Parent-Carer Group

Here's an overview of this week's parent-carer group session...

It was a very quiet session this week, perhaps the rain didn't help...

This week was the last of our sessions with #Thrive Healthy Young Minds.

We discussed a range of topics such as ...

  • Toileting

Parents/Carers expressed their difficulties in regard to toilet training, especially for bowel movements.  They also highlighted the anxieties felt when being out in public as children will often instantly indicate that they need the toilet and will often have had an accident by the time they manage to get to the facility.  In addition, the rarity of Changing Places (inclusive toileting facilities) makes it almost impossible to venture out into the community.  Isolation occurs do to this and then also makes it all the more difficult to overcome the anxiety of going out, adding to our 'stress bucket' (previously discussed).

We discussed children's literature which may be of support when toileting children.


  • Covid19 fears

Parents/Carers discussed their anxieties related to Covid19 


  • Sleep

Some parents/carers spoke of the support they had received from the Together Trust


  • Puberty

Parents/carers raised their concerns as to how to support their children through th onset of puberty.  


Thanks to George, a Children's Health and Well-Being Practitioner from #Thrive for providing this half-term's workshop. It's prompted great discussion and also helped us to develop great conversations.

Thank you to parents/carers for attending the sessions this half-term.


Carole Kelly

Family Support Worker