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20th October 2021, Parent-Carer Group

Here's an overview of this week's parent-carer group session...

This week discussion from our parent/carer group covered topics such as ...

  • Resources

Parents/Carers shared some resources and equipments which they feel to be great buys and beneficial for their children.  Items mentioned were The Gorilla Gym, Twizzle Chairs, Sit and Spins, Trampolines and Giant Beanbags


  • Sensory Circuits

Parent/carers expressed their interest in the Sensory Circuits which learners complete every morning in school.  What does it look like, what research is there to support this?  Etc.  They asked if we could do a future session on this topic and possible film a circuit in action for them to view.  (Carole to organise)


Thanks so much for joining us

Carole kelly

Springside Family Support Worker