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25th March 2022, Parent-Carer Group

Here's an overview of this week's parent-carer group session...

We’re back!  It was wonderful to hold our first parent-carer groups this week after the closure of our meetings due to Covid-19, and lovely to welcome both familiar and new faces to the sessions.

This week our parent-carers talked so much, we covered a wide range of topics, some which will remain confidential to the group whereby parents/carers opened up about their own personal experiences.  I have to say it’s incredible to see the peer support that’s on offer within the sessions, it speaks volumes that individuals feel able to express their journeys, and the encouragement and empowerment that they received from their peers was amazing. 


In addition, here are just some of the topics which we discussed:


Short Break Provision:

Here is the document which provides an outline as to the Short Break provision which is currently on offer within the Borough.


Sibling Support:

We discussed the huge effects that having a child with SEND can have on siblings, and moving forwards this is something that we’d like to find out more about. 


Play dough and Dough Disco:

Some of our learners absolutely love play dough, and it’s great to meet sensory needs, more so to support the development of fine motor skills.  However, many of our parent/carers did not know that they could make their own at home and save money!  Here’s the basic recipe but why not try adding scents and colour to create your own unique doughs.  For added value, do this collaboratively with your child/children. 

To our surprise, one of our parent/carers went away and made a large batch of perfect play dough, and separated it into zip-lock bags to gift to the families in the session, so very thoughtful!

Once you have your play dough, why not try Dough Disco, many versions of this can be found on You Tube (remember to pre watch videos first to ensure content is appropriate for your child).  Have fun!


We hope to see you next week...

Carole Kelly

Springside School, Family Support Worker