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  • Health support for families

    Published 06/07/20

    Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation is launching a new way for parents/carers of children 0-19 to get advice and support about health related issues from 6th July 2020.

    Parent/carers can send a text to 07507333482

    We can help with all kinds of things like:

    • Sleep

    • Feeding

    • Breastfeeding

    • Bottle feeding

    • Introducing solids

    • Toileting

    • Child health

    • Adjusting to parenting

    • Toddler behaviour

    • Behaviour


    •Emotional health

    • Self-harm

    • Bullying

    • Minor incidents and illnesses


    The Parentline messaging service is run by HMR Health Visiting and School Nurses and is available 09:00-16:30 Monday to Friday (exc. Bank Holidays).  We aim to reply to messages within one working day and families should get an immediate bounce back to confirm we have received the text. Texts will not be seen outside of normal working hours. If help is needed before the client hears back from us, they will be advised to contact their GP, NHS 111 or dial 999 if it is an emergency. 


    For more information go to:

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  • Newsletter 03.07.2020

    Published 26/06/20

    Our latest Weekly Newsletter, is available to download below.

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  • Home learning

    Published 12/06/20

    We are pleased to tell you that we are widening our offer of support for our Springside learners via remote learning.

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  • Dear families..

    Published 18/05/20

    Please find attached the letter from Rochdale Children's services

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  • Support for families during COVID-19

    Published 28/04/20

    Please view the leaflet attached below from Rochdale Borough Council for information about family support during COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

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  • RANS HI Team Newsletter

    Published 28/04/20

    Please view the newsletter attached below

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  • Annual Review Update

    Published 06/04/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 


    Re - Annual Reviews


    As you may be aware due to the current situation we have had to postpone a number of annual reviews. 


    For those affected by this we will be sending your child’s Annual Review Report home via email for you to read. 


    Although at this time we are unable to hold the Annual Review meetings in person we would like to offer the opportunity to carry out the review by phone. 


    If your review was due to be held between the 16th March and the 6th May and you would like the annual review to take place over the phone, please let school know either by contacting the phase lead on the temporary email you have been given or when we make our courtesy calls. 


    Thank you for your continued support. 


    Yours Sincerely 


    Melody Fierro

    Head Teacher 

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  • Free School Meal Vouchers

    Published 06/04/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 


    Re - Free School Meal Vouchers


    The Free School Meal Vouchers will be going live on the 20th April. 


    However, we have decided to continue to supply lunch bags to those that require them over the two weeks’ holiday. We will not be able to offer blended meals at this time.


    The leadership and Early Help team have been speaking to parents today and if you have identified that you would like a meal over the holidays we will be delivering as usual on Monday but at a slightly later time of just after 12 noon.  


    We would like to thank the parents who have already provided us with a personal email address, if you have not yet done so please email the temporary email address you have for your phase lead so that we will have your current email address on file. 


    Thank you 


    Yours Sincerely 


    Melody Fierro

    Head Teacher 

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    Published 31/03/20


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  • Safeguarding update

    Published 31/03/20

    Due to the recent unprecedented situation the Local Authority have issued interim guidance. As a school we have also issued an appendix to our current and still relevant Safeguarding Policy. Please note, all key information and policies can be found in the 'Key Information' section of the website; you can also click here to access this.

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