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  • Latest policies

    Published 09/05/23

    We are pleased to share our updated attendance policy, please feel free to download a copy by visiting the attendance page on our website: Click here

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  • New menu

    Published 17/04/23

    GFM have provided us with a copy of the lunch menu for the next term, please feel free to download a copy below.

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  • Holiday dates

    Published 20/03/23

    Please find below a copy of the latest holiday dates for 2022-23 - Please note the EXTRA bank holiday on Monday 8th May 2023 for the King's Coronation.


    Please also find below a copy of the latest holiday dates for 2023-24.

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  • Unavoidable closures update

    Published 10/03/23

    Please find below some activities for those families who want to utilise them. Please also check your emails as classes will also email more personalised information to families.

    We know that when things are different it can be hard for our learners to understand. Here are some images you can use to support your child today. Stay safe everyone!

    Snow may be something our learners love or hate... Use today to connect with your child's class online or through class emails and to play out in the snow!

    It is a fantastic sensory resource to explore and there are endless learning opportunities!

    Please post some photos below or send to your child's class email for us to see what you get up to!

    Thank you to our parents, carers, families and staff for your continued support 🙌



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  • PE & Sport Premium 2022-2023

    Published 27/02/23

    Please enter an introduction for your news story here.

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  • Policy consultation

    Published 18/01/23

    We are in the processes of reviewing our Behaviour Policy and Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy. As these are important into how we support our learners to recognise, understand and manage their emotions, your feedback is really important and valued.

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  • Holiday patterns

    Published 09/11/22

    Don't forget, our term time dates and holiday patterns can be found by accessing the 'families' section and then clicking on 'term time dates' from the menu.

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  • Keeping safe online

    Published 14/10/22

    As a school we are here to support you to keep your child safe online. The online world changes at such a high pace we know it can be difficult to keep up. Please speak to us if you would like any advice or support. Mark Hitchen is our designated person for Online Safety and can help to support you.

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  • Weekly Newsletter 07.10.22

    Published 07/10/22

    Please find attached the latest newsletter.

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  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

    Published 09/09/22

    Staff and learners are devastated about the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • Life at Springside

    Published 11/07/22

    We are delighted to share our updated Curriculum brochures. The brochures are designed to give more information about how we teach our Learners in each phase, the differences between each phase and what other support is in place.

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  • Weekly Newsletter 08.07.22

    Published 08/07/22

    Please follow the link for the weekly newsletter.

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