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Story time with Olivia

Tonight’s story is brought to you by our Exploratory Phase Lead, Olivia!!!

She’s prepared some resources for you to complete a little fun activity afterwards, we’ll post those in the comments, enjoy!

Have a lovely, safe and relaxing weekend everyone!



Here are some questions about tonight's storytime -I'm not sleepy! with Olivia. 
Use the PODD board symbols to help you answer the following questions...

What is little owlet's name?
Where do Grandma and Mo live?
What does Mo eat before bedtime?
It's bedtime for Mo, but what does he want to do?
What does Grandma give to Mo to help him to sleep?
How does Mo feel at the end of the story?
Did you see the little bug hiding on the last page? What bug was it?
And finally when is it your bedtime?

*Credit to Jane Chapman (Little Tiger Books), Boardmaker and PODD for the resources used in this post.