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Free School Meal Vouchers

Dear Parents/Carers 


Re - Free School Meal Vouchers


The Free School Meal Vouchers will be going live on the 20th April. 


However, we have decided to continue to supply lunch bags to those that require them over the two weeks’ holiday. We will not be able to offer blended meals at this time.


The leadership and Early Help team have been speaking to parents today and if you have identified that you would like a meal over the holidays we will be delivering as usual on Monday but at a slightly later time of just after 12 noon.  


We would like to thank the parents who have already provided us with a personal email address, if you have not yet done so please email the temporary email address you have for your phase lead so that we will have your current email address on file. 


Thank you 


Yours Sincerely 


Melody Fierro

Head Teacher