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Supporting our learners to return

In preparing our school for the return of our learners we have also analysed and enhanced our current curriculum. As professionals we have stringently researched the potential impact of the period of time out of school and also the different advice from professionals in relation to a ‘recovery curriculum’.

It has been suggested that schools should implement a ‘recovery curriculum’ to support learners’ transition into school. Through this research we have been comforted that much of the advice includes approaches and strategies that we already implement.

In addition, we have been in regular consultation with our families and staff to form our package of support to ensure the safe transition back into school for all our learners. As a result of our extensive research, we have opted to adapt our already carefully tailored approaches and curriculum.

At Springside we already pride ourselves on a flexible approach to learning that is tailored to the needs of each of our learners. Undoubtedly there will be an impact due to the period of time out of the school building; we have ensured that our curriculum and approaches are able to support our learners through this and the transition back into school.

As such, rather than a new, stand-alone short-term curriculum, we have ensured that the fantastic advice and research is embedded into our already personalised curriculum and simply enhances the offer we have.

We have examined every aspect of our current curriculum, considered the advice, research and good practice from fellow professionals and are now in a position to present the enhanced Springside curriculum.

Please download our curriculum and relevant phase brochures below, these detail the relevant information for each of our 3 phases.