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Please see the DfE Guidance here:


Online Grooming New Campaign (Internet watch Foundation)

Please click on the link to watch the video 'Where's Klaus?' (You can find it on YouTube here: In it, a series of (unsuitable) people turn up at Klaus' house and his Mum lets them in. The end of the video is perhaps the most disturbing of all.

A new IWF safety campaign aims to help parents have conversations with their children about keeping their 'door' closed to child sexual abusers. The campaign includes a booklet for parents, explaining the risks, explaining why children are vulnerable, and suggests practice steps that parents can take.

The mnemonic used in the campaign is TALK:

  • TALK to your child about online sexual abuse. Start the conversation – and listen to their concerns.
  • AGREE ground rules about the way you use technology as a family.
  • LEARN about the platforms and apps your child loves. Take an interest in their online life.
  • KNOW how to use tools, apps and settings that can help to keep your child safe online.

If you have any queries or would like to speak to a member of the early help team re the content, please  contact school and we will be happy to support you.