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Christmas curriculum work!

Look at this wonderfully (and independently) decorated Christmas  tree; it’s wonderful to see how proud our learners are of it!

2 of our Investigative learners have helped our Headteacher Melody to decorate her Christmas tree. They have worked together and are so proud of the finished tree!

This is just one example of how we incorporate motivating activities whilst covering each area of their learning. Examples of how these were incorporated:

- My Maths, through considering weight, size, number and quantities.

- My English, reading the words on decorations, writing their table of sorted decorations, speaking and listening to each other, giving directions and debating throughout.

- My Play and Leisure, through taking turns, taking different roles and working together to create their finished tree.

- My physical Well-being, My PSHE and SRE, discussing how they felt whilst doing this, how it makes others feel, they worked together to decide what decorations were safe before recording this in a table.

- My World, through discussing Christmas and the different events we take part in.