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Achievement Celebration Assembly

Well done to all our prize winners!

This morning we held our half-termly Achievement Celebration Assembly which as always was fantastically supported by our prize winners' families.

Ms John was also delighted to announce this term we have raised over £280 from our two charity event days, this money has been distributed to Comic Relief and Marie Curie - Thank you to everyone within the Springside community for this magnificent effort.

At this assembly we celebrate the hard work, successes and achievement of all pupils and especially those pupils who are awarded with 'Pupil of the Half-Term' for their class. This event is always fantastically received as not only are pupils are rewarded for their efforts over the term but their parents/ carers are invited to see them collect their award before enjoying a morning snack together in the school dining hall.  Each prize winner was awarded an individual prize and certificate.

The winners from this half term are listed below:

  • Class One - Harley, for fantastic communication progress and excellent progress in his toileting.
  • Class Two - Amelia, for learning lots of new words and excellent progress in her toileting.
  • Class Three - Jayden, for increased confidence and progress in communication.
  • Class Four - Anaya, for consistently applying 100% effort to every task.
  • Class Five - Kaylem, for being a good friend and trying new foods.
  • Class Six  - Charlotte, for making excellent progress with signing and consolidating her knowledge of over 50 objects.
  • Class Seven - Owen, for making excellent progress in managing his emotions, his English and Maths knowledge and learning to ride a two-wheeled bike!
  • Class Eight - Awais, for consistently working hard, specifically in English and Maths.
  • Class Nine - Cameron, for making excellent progress with regards to his readiness for learning and controlling his emotions.
  • Class Ten - Finn, for working hard to improve his writing ability.

A selection of photographs can be viewed by clicking the link here