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This week during the signalong family learning session we looked at the importance of self-regulation and how when we are calm enough to engage , we can then and only then 'learn'.

Families were able to identify the correct handshapes, orientation and placement of the hands to form the signs.

Special thanks to the learners and families for supporting us raise awareness of Downs syndrome this week in addition to Comic relief last week.

On the 19th of April in the afternoon I intend to host an event to share the progress we have made this year as a School and to share some ideas as to how we intend to continue on our journey.

A link to a survey will be sent out next week for families to share some ideas and tell us what things you feel we do well? What you feel we could develop further and how we can use our local community to support families.

Next week each learner will be gifted with an Easter surprise as a token of the Springside Easter Bunnies thank you to all learner super efforts!

Dates to remember:

We break up on Friday 31st March.
Learners return to School on Tuesday April 18th

A special mention goes to our wonderful parents for their kind donation of Easter eggs - THANK YOU!

Thank you


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