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2016 - 2017

The PE and Sports Grant is an amount of money which the government agreed to allocate to schools for the academic years (2013 - 2014 & 2014 - 2015). The funding amount received by schools is based upon the number of children of primary age at the school. The Sport Premium must be used to increase the quality & breadth of PE & Sport provision, and increase participation in PE & Sport.

At Springside Primary School, we strive to promote healthy and active lifestyles and aim to provide sporting opportunities for all our pupils. We welcome the additional funding, which will further enhance our provision and provide additional opportunities for increased participation.

The 2016 - 2017 Sport Premium funding FOR OUR SCHOOL WAS £8381.

Below is how we used our funding.

Intervention Source Cost Impact

Foot and hand twister



At least 65% of pupils within whole school made expected or more than expected progress in English, Maths and PSD.   Resources identified during Pupil Progress meetings - Pupils with sensory processing difficulties will engage more productively in the curriculum.

Starfish swimming



The majority of pupils who do not require Hydrotherapy, including new starters, entered the water and are able to swim with a floatation device.

Qualified PE Teacher trained in Rebound Therapy



P.E. Scheme of work further developed and adapted to the needs of the pupils.

Rebound Therapy programmes in place for all pupils to whom it will benefit.

MOVE programmes in place for all pupils to whom it will benefit.

P.E. Equipment monitored to ensure it is fully utilised.

Staff trained to enhance confidence and competence in specific P.E. areas.

Total   £8381