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We believe children learn best when their basic needs are met; they are safe, well and healthy, they are stimulated, motivated and challenged; valued, respected and treated fairly; have choices, are enabled to communicate, listened to and feel included.

We believe children need high quality teaching and learning environments with time to develop leisure and social skills, friendships and independence.

We believe parents/ carers have a responsibility to support the education of their children, working cooperatively with school and actively encouraging their children to achieve their very best.

The Aims of the Governors and Staff at Springside

Parents, Carers and Families

  • To have excellent communication with parents, cares and families
  • To encourage a partnership with shared values.
  • To encourage parental involvement.
  • To have excellent purposeful links with our local community.


  • To encourage a respectful, happy, safe, secure, dynamic, inclusive and inspirational learning environment.
  • To nurture the potential of each individual.
  • To celebrate individual success, progress and achievements.
  • To celebrate diversity and the unique individual.
  • To develop communication and independence skills.
  • To develop lively, inquiring, creative minds.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle and a sense of self-worth.
  • To ensure all pupils make at least good progress.


  • To provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To develop a nurturing culture of lifelong learning.
  • To create a personalised, purposeful learning environment.
  • To promote the intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and moral development of our pupils.
  • To strive for excellence in all areas of the curriculum.

Staff and Governors

  • To purposefully monitor, assess and evaluate pupil progress.
  • To maintain the highest expectations of each pupil, recognising and developing strengths and talents.
  • To promote an inclusive learning environment.
  • To strive for excellent, creative and inspirational practice.
  • To challenge, review and continually evaluate current practice.
  • To share skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and support within the learning community.
  • To have a commitment to professional development, enjoy their jobs and are good role models respecting pupils and their families. 
  • To work together to provide high quality teaching, an environment that is happy and a curriculum that is practical, active and appropriate to help the children reach their individual goals.
  • To give clear direction and inspire the community; meet statutory responsibilities; share information, consult and listen and put children first, being directly involved in their education.