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In order for your child to do their very best, it is important that they attend School on time, their attendance is good and that few school days are missed.

Lost time breaks routines and children can miss important aspects of their learning. School expects the support of parents and carers in ensuring that their children always attend when possible.

Short term absence

There will be times when learners are unwell or have health appointments.

School must be told of the reason for these absences, either in writing or by phone on the first day of absence.  Appointments should, where possible, be arranged for out of school hours, school also require a copy of the appointment card/letter. If absence is persistent the Education Welfare Officer will be involved in supporting the family to improve attendance.


LONG term absence

School endeavour to support all families and learners to ensure they are able to attend school as often as possible.  During long term absences school ask that families remain in contact with them.  We will continue to offer as much support as possible, with the aim of ensuring the learner returns to school as soon as they can.


Attendance Clinics

If attendance falls below 85% families invited to attendance clinic at school with Education Welfare Officer, health team and school representative. Our bilingual Pastoral Officer Shazye Cosar is the link for attendance at Springside.