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Behaviour support

The Behaviour Lead is Assistant Headteacher - Mark H.

He is closely supported by Charlotte K (our Family Support Worker) and James M (our Learning Mentor for Behaviour).

At Springside School behaviour means the way in which people conduct themselves which is acceptable to society. At Springside we see this as a barrier to their learning and support learners appropriately. Therefore, within daily school life and documents ‘behaviour’ is referred to as one of the learners’ ‘Barriers to Learning’.

We believe that the key to this is developing emotional literacy, knowing different emotions, recognising them in yourself and others and knowing how to manage these appropriately. The school strives for everyone within the community to have a growth mindset.

All our learners who require support to manage their behaviour and regulate their emotions have a personal support plan which is agreed by staff members who work closely with each learner, parents and the Assistant head. 

All our staff members have the basic training in how to support learners with de-escalation techniques, in an attempt to reduce crisis behaviours. 

At the core of our beliefs is all behaviour is a form of communication, identifying the feeling that a learner is experiencing, prior to displaying the behaviour, is key to identifying the purpose of their behaviour.

If you would like support in the home with behaviour please contact the office on 01706 764451 and leave a message for any of the staff members above.