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Experiential learners

Butterflies Class

Teachers – Becky Drury and Laura Aspin

Experiential Teaching Assistants – Michelle Howles, Linda Wharton, Maureen O'Donnell, Cassie Dyson and Debbie Anderson.

Personal Care Assistants – Jannatul Ferdousi, Aasma Ali and Sajeeda Hanif

Lunchtime Assistants – Shiuly Begum.

Exploratory learners

Within our Exploratory phase we have different pathways to ensure the curriculum is tailored specifically to the needs of those learners.

These are Early Exploration Unit; Foundations of Exploration; Sensory Exploration and Exploratory.

Ducklings and Zebras - Early Exploration Unit

Teacher – Rachael Scorer

WALLABIES Class - Foundations of Exploration Curriculum

Teacher – Lisa Whitley and Emma Medhurst

ELEPHANTS Class - Sensory Exploration Curriculum

Teacher – Rebekah Trott

RHINOS Class - Exploratory Curriculum

Teacher – Jessica Tutty

MEERKATS Class - Exploratory Curriculum

Teacher – Stephanie Valence

MONKEYS Class - Exploratory Curriculum

Teacher – Kelly McLawrence 

Exploratory Teaching Assistants – Sarah Ingham, Holly Boardman, Chantelle Raynor, Lucy Threlfall, Oliver Barlow, Emma Tierney, Safaida Bi, Morgan Ellison, Jessica Jagger, Aasma Majid, Ines Haddad, Emma Rayson, Debbie Winter, Ferdousi Khanom, Gabrielle Hitchen, Louise Howarth, Lucas Davies, Natalie Smith, Farzana Yeasmin, Megan Fitzgerald, Kaja Horozanska and Shalina Perveen.

Personal Care Assistants – Shabana Ur Rehman, Rokshana Chowdhury, Jahanara Begum and Shafaq Fatima.

Lunchtime Assistants – Rubina Kanwal, Rizwana Iftikhar, Salma Begum, Suraiya Akhtar, Fargana Noysin, Khadiza Begum and Samsun Nahar.

Investigative learners

Within our Investigateve phase we have different pathways to ensure the curriculum is tailored specifically to the needs of those learners.

These are Investigative and Springside @ Moorhouse, learners from both pathways access inclusion where beneficial to their education.

DINOSAURS Class - Investigative Curriculum

Teacher – Sarah Trueman

PENGUINS Class - Investigative Curriculum

Teachers – Laura Finch

GIRAFFES Class - Investigative Curriculum

Teacher – Laurie Gumbrell

TIGERS Class - Investigative Curriculum

Teacher – Rochelle Stannard

CHAMELEONS Class - Springside at Moorhouse Curriculum

Teacher – Rebecca Crossley

Investigative Teaching Assistants – Alia Fatima, Lucy Woodcock, Jenny Jones, Farah Yasmin, Jane Gillibrand, Nazreen Akhtar, Abaida Naeem, Kayleigh Finnegan, Helen Westall, Taslima Akter, Liz Jones, Julie Warburton, Zakia Mazhar, Rafia Begum, Karen Hutchison and Lilia Mercado.

Personal Care Assistants – Musarrat Razzaq

Lunchtime Assistants – Ishrath Jahan Nazmu, Shaneyara Begum, Moirum Parveen, Rehana Bibi and Sajeda Hanif.