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The Early Years Foundation Stage offers a rich learning environment where each child’s key skills are developed through play.  The department has three classes who join together for music sessions, water fun, trips, assemblies and various events.  Within the Foundation Stage each child learns to develop their independence, social skills, following simple routines and engaging in a variety of sensory activities. 


For our Experiential Learners an innovative curriculum offer is in place to best meet the needs of all the pupils within the cohort. The children in these classes learn through experiencing the world around them. Their curriculum is purposefully designed to ensure it is broad and balanced yet helps the learners to progress. Lessons for pupils in this cohort are not subject-specific, they use the theme for that half-term and develop each area of focus from both their EHC Plan and other areas of priority, identified by all professionals who work with them.


For our Exploratory cohort of learners the pupils' curriculum is specifically designed to include Sensory integration alongside short activities, individually adapted that follow a similar routine each day.  The main aims of this broad and balanced curriculum are to enhance communication skills, increasing independence, introducing more formal learning skills,  developing more appropriate behaviour and improve self-regulation and self-control.

The learners within this cohort learn about their world through exploration. Within this cohort is 3 classes with distinct provisions, designed specifically to meet the needs of the pupils within it. 


For our Investigative cohort of learners we continue to prepare each child for more formal learning environments.  We continue to deliver elements of the National Curriculum in a highly differentiated and individualised manner.  We also work to ensure we are developing the independence of all our pupils.  Each child’s capabilities are considered and individual needs are fully met, educationally, socially, emotionally and physically.  In addition we work with many professionals and offer specialised programmes, these include: Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Interventions (Th.Inc.®), Speech and Language, Donkey Therapy, Hydrotherapy and many more.