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Experiential Learners

Experiential phase learners are given time and opportunities to experience the world around them. Activities within each area of learning are planned carefully using a sensory approach so that learners are able to engage and begin their learning journey. The focus of the areas of learning is to teach the learners the skills they need to be safe, happy, healthy and able to experience as much of the world as possible around them.

Structure and repetition form the foundations of our day which is facilitated by our highly skilled team. We strive to ensure a personalised approach, where advise from therapists and healthcare plans are integrated into the school day, learners follow their own personalised learning plans, derived from the EHC plan.

Our learners are learning to learn and the smallest of steps are celebrated. Activities and sessions are planned carefully to engage the learners so that areas of exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence and initiation can be observed. 

Learners within this phase have a variety of barriers e.g. communication, sensory impairment, physical impairment, complex and severe medical needs.

The teachers are Becky and Laura

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the whole child beginning with those identified as a priority in the EHCP these include:

  • My Cognition and Learning
  • My Communication and Interaction
  • My Social, Emotional and Mental Health 
  • My Physical and Sensory

The class in this phase is Butterflies.

Butterflies Parental Email:

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