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Exploratory Learners

Exploratory phase learners learn through exploring the world around them. Learners in this phase access exploratory sessions that enable them to develop independence towards their skills-based objectives. The Areas of learning are designed to teach the learners in this phase the essential knowledge they need in order to develop the skills and concepts required to achieve the independence we aspire towards.

Developing the use of functional expressive communication is central to learning. Children are encouraged to engage and form secure relationships with adults to support their engagement in adult-led activities. Independence is always encouraged through a tiered system of adult modelling, sabotage and reducing adult support. Behaviour for learning is also essential to the Exploratory curriculum. Exploratory staff use consistent strategies for each individual learner to support them to be in a sensory and emotionally regulated state ready to learn.

Within the exploratory phase both Mathematics and English skills are embedded within each area of learning. The skills within these are then taught in a purposeful manner, following the phases approach to learning. Teaching these skills and concepts through each area of learning support the learners to develop a functional level of mathematics and English.

Exploratory classes use the curriculum themes as vehicles for skills-based learning. Class staff teams take the learners motivators into account to promote learner engagement. Teaching and learning is strengthened through the learners’ motivation towards exploring the activities provided. Adults support the learners to access activities with functional self-help, play and communication skills. A mixture of child-led and adult-led learning enables a good working relationship between learners and staff in the Exploratory Phase.

The classes in the Exploratory Phase offer a skills-based curriculum, where appropriate, using elements of TEACCH approach. Each class utilises and develops learner skills to encourage exploration to develop growing independence.

The areas of learning in this phase are:

  • My Independence
  • My Communication
  • My Play and Leisure
  • My Physical Well-being

Classes in this phase are Ducklings, Elephants, Meerkats, Monkeys, Rhinos and Zebras.

The Phase lead is Olivia Brougham-Robinson.

Exploratory Phase Parental Email:

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