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Autumn Term

We have had a good start in Giraffes. We have been learning about Sound in Science and carried out an investigation: Which material is the best to muffle sound? 

In Maths , we have been learning about counting and reading numerals. We have used lots of counting objects, matched numerals to correct quantity and practised writing numerals starting from the correct point. This half term we have been learning about familiar stories in Literacy and have enjoyed listening to Horrid Henry stories in particular “Horrid Henry’s Camping Holiday”. We have made and written sentences to recount our summer stories . 

In Humanities we have been around the world and learned about the different wonders of the world. We have looked at the famous landmarks and created some of them in class!

Summer Term

In our final term of 2015-2016 we have listened to lots of stories by Dr Seuss!  We noticed lots of word patterns and rhymes in the stories. Some of the words sounded funny because they were nonsense words which Dr Seuss used a lot in his books! In Maths this half term we have been learning how to solve subtraction sums. 

We have been writing calculations out using the different symbols.

Our Science topic this half term has been about “Evolution”. We visited the Manchester Museum and looked at the fossils and dinosaur skeletons. We have learned about how some animals have adapted their bodies to survive in a particular environment.

This half term we had a fantastic opportunity to take part in the “Wheels For All” project based at Bowlee Sports Centre. We tried a variety of bikes and learned about safety awareness