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Investigative Learners

Investigative phase learners investigate the world around them in a semi-formal learning environment. Children in this phase begin to make links and develop their communication to explore and explain ideas and concepts. The aims of each area of learning is to provide the learners with the skills, concepts and knowledge to meaningfully engage in the world around them.

Developing understanding and expression of feelings and emotions is central to learning. Children are encouraged to engage and form secure relationships with adults and peers, develop resilience and feel more comfortable in sharing their feelings. Talents are encouraged through activities such as signing choir, sports and assemblies, helping to develop self-esteem and pride, in addition to celebrating others.

Engaging in a range of experiences, topic focus and development in the Investigative phase includes those within learners’ personal interests and new ideas and themes. Teaching and learning is shared and developed through a range of interactive areas of learning such as my play and leisure, my independence, my world and my physical well-being which encourage discovery and wonder.

The classes offer a needs based curriculum, where appropriate, using a child-led approach using the principles of EYFS as well as more formal approaches. Each utilising and developing children’s skills to encourage investigation, expression and independent learning. Each learners' capabilities are considered and individual needs are fully met, educationally, socially, emotionally and physically.

The areas of learning taught in this phase are:

  • My Independence
  • My English
  • My Play and Leisure
  • My Physical Well-being
  • My Maths
  • My PSHE
  • My World

Classes in this phase are  Dinosaurs, Giraffes, Penguins and  Tigers.

The Phase lead  is Jane Mechen.

Investigative Phase Parental Email:

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