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Lower Key Stage 2 Autumn Term

Autumn Term 

This half term Class 6 have really enjoyed learning about the Winter weather and life in the North and South Poles. We were very lucky that we had a chance to experience the snow and pretend we were Inuit people. We have been learning all about the different animals that live in cold climates such as penguins, polar bears and seals. We were also very lucky to have had a visit from the M&M theatre company who performed our traditional fairy tale ‘Cinderella’ which we have been working on in class. The half term has ended with an amazing ‘Creativity Week’ focusing on the Chinese New Year on the 19th February. We have been very excited to be visited by all the different teachers in school to work on music, dance, art and design.

Class 7 - This half term we he been busy learning about the Arctic. This includes the animals, that live there, the people, housing and forms of transport. The weather was kind to us which enabled us to go outside and feel how cold it would be to live in the Arctic  and allowed us to complete mathematical activities such as building a snowman that was taller or shorter than we were. We’ve also been lucky to have a student, Ellie,  who played the saxophone. She travelled around all the classes allowing the children to feel the vibrations of the instrument as it was played, and played Disney tunes for us to guess .Finally, we’ve also enjoyed making pancakes and having a tossing competition and Inviting our friends over from Hamer to enjoy Chinese New Year Activities with us.