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Lower Key Stage 2 Spring Term Blog

 Class 6 - This has been a fantastic half term for Class 6. We have been learning all about different animals we can have as pets and can visit at a zoo or farm. We even visited Bleakholt Sanctuary to see how they care for the animals.

We have been out around the school grounds to find signs of Spring. We found some young buds and some miniature Daffodils but no birds in our birdhouses yet!

Each week we have tried to cook something new – Mother’s day Butterfly Buns, Easter Chocolate cornflake cake and even a delicious Easter Chick Cake using coconut and chocolate drops, yum! We are becoming amazing listeners and fantastic cooks!

We have been looking at different forms of transport – trains, trams, planes, cars and hot air balloons and we were lucky enough to take a trip to Bury Transport Museum and dress up as Bus Conductors to drive an old fashioned bus.

Class 7 - We have had another busy half term. Our topics have been Transport and animals.  We have studied new and old forms of transport creating hot air balloons using mudroc, going out into the community to see real trains and trams, going to the airport to watch planes taking of and landing and watching short films of hot air balloon displays. We also looked at old forms of transport visiting Bury Transport Museum where we saw an old bus, steam trains and dressed up as an old fashioned bus driver!

We have taken advantage of the new bikes delivered to school and we are all learning to ride bikes– whether it be a 3 wheeled  trike or a 2 wheeled bicycle .

We have also been looking at , finding out about and caring for animals. This term we have been lucky enough to  learn about the donkeys, looked after the chicks and the school Gerbil. We are currently watching the development of frogspawn, and watching it grow and develop over the days to become a tadpole, froglet and a frog.