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Online Safety

In the real world we protect our children. So why not keep them safe online?

Many people, including young children are users of the internet.

Having access to online information and the functionality that the internet can offer has many benefits and for most it plays an important part of our everyday lives. However, as technology moves on at such a pace it is difficult to keep up with new trends and developments, particularly with regard to mobile devices/games technology and safe accessibility to online material.

In the light of national media attention and concerns regarding online safety, we need to address these questions:

  • What are our children doing online?
  • Are they safe?
  • Do they know what to do if they come across something suspicious?
  • Are they accessing age appropriate content?
  • Are they giving away too much personal information that may make them vulnerable?
  • How can you use parental controls on smart phones and tablets or filtering controls provided by your internet service provider to keep your child safe online?

The Local Authority and our school have policies in place to ensure children are learning in a safe and secure environment which includes being safe online. The information and links on this page will direct you to resources to help you to contribute to this process by helping children to be aware of the potential problems associated with using the internet and modern technologies.

If you would like any advice regarding any element of keeping your child safe online please feel free to contact our Assistant Headteacher, Mark H on 01706 764451 or alternatively use the links below: