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Our School

Springside School opened in September 2007 and is a proud part of Springside with Hamer Learning Community.   We are a school for pupils with Generic Learning Difficulties across the area.

Our school is co-located with Hamer Primary School and Hamer Sure Start Children’s Centre.  Following the closure of High Birch, Birtle View, Alderman Kay, Innes, and Rydings special schools, staff and primary aged pupils from each school amalgamated into the new ‘state of the art’ purpose built environment, forming Springside Special School.

The original building on the site, home to Hamer Community Primary School, was in need of a complete refurbishment.  The decision was taken therefore to build a completely new school to house both Springside and Hamer, alongside the Hamer Sure Start Children’s Centre.

Working together in the shared building ensures a genuine sense of inclusion.  Pupils and staff interact daily and this enables excellent opportunities for inclusion and the sharing of expertise.

If you wish to contact the school, please telephone 01706 764451 and a member of our office team will direct you to the most appropriate person to handle your call.