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Parent's/ Carer's Group

This year in consultation with you we have redesigned our support package and now offer different events each Wednesday.  Whilst we have a planned package of support, presenters and sessions we retain an element of flexibility to allow us to meet your needs.

Upon your request we will endeavour to organise events, therefore they can be arranged at short notice so please check back regularly.  

Events take place each Wednesday from 9am - 10.15am here at Springside in a relaxed, enjoyable and supportive environment alongside other Parents and Carers - we also ensure there are plenty of refreshments available.

Please check this website and specifically the Parent's/ Carer's calendar to view upcoming events.  

Click here for the Parent's/ Carer's Calendar

On the right hand side menu you will see an overview of previous events.

If you are interested in attending then please contact Shazye Cosar, our Pastoral Officer at school on either:

Telephone: 01706 764451