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School Day

We believe that the organisation of our day enables us to  ensure that every minute of a learners' time spent at Springside is purposeful, helping them to progress and ultimately achieve their potential. 

To help to ensure every opportunity for learning is maximised and sessions are of an appropriate length for the learners, lesson timings are personalised for each class, within each Phase.

Further detail on the provision within each class can be viewed by visiting each class page here.


The school day begins at 8.45am and ends at 2.45pm. 


The school day begins at 9.00am and ends at 3.00pm. 


The school day begins at 8.50am and ends at 2.50pm. 


We are currently trialling a whole school assembly every Monday at 9.15am - 9.40am led by a member of the Leadership Team, with a focus on our Physical Development values linked to our School Motto. 

In addition, we have Phase Assemblies on a Friday led by various members of teaching staff. This assembly outlines the 'Thought of the week', SEAL theme  and Phase topic.