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School Meals

The learners are encouraged to have a school dinner, but they may bring a packed lunch if parents would prefer. We recognise for some learners eating food and drinking are not always pleasurable experiences. At Springside we use a fussy eaters programme in conjunction with parents to encourage learners to taste a range of foods when we agree the time is right for each learner.          

Learner's who receive their lunch via a gastrostomy engage in musical and social activities over the lunchtime period.                                                                                 

Our school meals are cooked on the premises and offer a good healthy choice, including a halal option.  All other dietary requirements can be met. (Some may require further information from a doctor or health professional) If parents wish to know more about school dinners or discuss their child’s choice this can be arranged.

Dinner money should be sent to school each Monday in an envelope marked with your child’s name and the amount enclosed. 

You may be entitled to free school meals for your child; please see our office staff for further information.

We are trying to ensure our learner's develop healthy eating habits. School meals are based on national guidelines for healthy food. As part of health education and Knowledge and Understanding curriculum the learner's also learn about nutrition and healthy eating choices. Sweets and chewing gum are not allowed in school.

All learner's have access to water at any time, all learner's receive a carton of milk and there is a healthy snack choice every day. [There is a small charge for this].

Learner's bringing packed lunches should not bring glass bottles, as these can cause accidents.  Parents should try to ensure that packed lunches are based on healthy food.

Our school meals are prepared daily by our on-site Catering team.  We provide the best meals we can as we believe in the 'Rights of the Child'.

"You have the right to a good enough standard of living. This means you should have food, clothes and a place to live..." Unicef Article 27

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