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Science Week

Another busy week in Class 6 and 7! This week has been science week and we have been completing a variety of  scientific experiments. These have included:

  •  Putting lettuce and celery into water with different coloured food-dye to observe how the stems absorb it and change colour.
  • Putting eggs in vinegar and coke to compare what the impact would be on our teeth if we ate these foods without cleaning our teeth.
  • Observing what affect heat has on dried corn on the cob (it turns into popcorn!!).

Some children have built their very own space rockets using shiny materials as part of our work on ‘Out of this world’ and we have studied healthy food by tasting a variety of fruits to enable us to make a graph and a fruit salad. Our trip this week has been to Heaton park where we looked at all the animals and their babies.   

Next week we are planning to spend a day at Moorland Home. If your children have wellington boots and rainy day wear please send them into school on Thursday to help us keep your child clean and dry.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend :o)