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learner Progress

We continue to analyse learner progress in relation to the government’s progression guidance and have invested in an electronic system which will host our assessment framework written bespoke to fit in with curriculum pathways and matched to need, we are therefore able to provide consistent expected progress targets that ensures our data and analysis is robust. We use SOLAR to support the target setting process.

Learners joining Springside  are generally those with more severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties. All learners start and end their Reception year operating significantly below National Expectations.



The increased detail within our analysis has enhanced our intervention programmes, allowing us to ensure the learners who require intervention are effectively prioritised.  We continue to offer a variety of interventions, individualised to each learner and are confident of the impact they are making.  The Th.Inc intervention and Wilderness therapy (irrespective of it being in its infancy)has been particularly successful; this continues to ensure that learners have an improved ability to regulate their emotions. This will increase the learners’ engagement within lesson that ultimately will transfer to their holistic progress.

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