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Our school community is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle.  At morning break, fruit or a healthy alternative is available to all children.  Parents and carers are encouraged to ensure that packed lunches are as healthy and nutritionally balanced as possible. Water is provided within school.  We kindly request that sweets and fizzy drinks are not sent into school.

Emotional Well-being

We have a policy of  zero tolerance of bullying. The Anti-Bullying Policy is currently being updated and will be added to this page shortly.

Health Professionals

We have strong working relationships with all professionals and this is essential to meeting our pupils’ needs.  School staff work closely and collaboratively with many professionals, these include: Health Advisors; Speech and Language therapists; Hearing Impairment specialists; Visual Impairment Specialists, Physiotherapists and Social workers.  Therapists and other professionals work from our specialist rooms, these provide space for 1:1 sessions, group work and for meetings with parents.