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  • Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead) – Melody Fierro
  • School Business Manager – Jackie Anderson
  • Deputy Headteacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Assessment and EVC lead) – Jane Mechen
  • Assistant Headteacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Curriculum and Barriers to learning lead) – Mark Hitchen
  • SENCo and Designated Looked After Children Teacher - Mark Hitchen
  • Lead Teacher and TLR (Springside at Moorhouse) Teacher - Rebecca Crossley
  • Children's Welfare and Attendance Officer and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Shazye Cosar
  • Pastoral Officer and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Charlotte Kelly
  • Receptionist/ Admin Assistant – Tia Harbour
  • Gateway Team Therapeutic Support Staff – Charlotte Kelly, James Martin and Karen Hutchinson