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Our most recent Ofsted report (May 2022) states that Springside continues to be a "Good" school. They also state:

"Pupils find their voice at Springside School. They learn how to communicate their feelings and needs. Staff treat every pupil as an individual because they know that every pupil is unique. Pupils develop strong, trusting relationships with staff. They are happy, well cared for and safe in school.

Staff have high expectations of every pupil. They work closely with parents and carers to plan for their children’s needs. One parent comment typified many: ‘I can’t speak highly enough of this school. The staff work with compassion and care for my child and other learners.’ Parents feel included and valued. They have confidence in the school and feel their children will reach their full potential.

Staff understand pupils’ individual needs extremely well. Staff use a wide range of resources and therapies effectively. They draw on the expertise of other professionals. This ensures that pupils’ emotional, physical and personal needs are met well.

Staff are highly skilled in managing pupils’ behaviour. They are quick to intervene when any pupil may need support and consequently, bullying is extremely rare."

Please use the links below to view our most recent and previous Ofsted reports, alternatively you can view our reports directly from the Ofsted website by clicking here

We would be grateful if you could share your views about Springside with Ofsted using their Parent View page. If you do not have a computer or an email address or if you would like help to use Parent View, please contact the Main School Office where our Admin Team Staff will be happy to help you.

Link to the Parent View website