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Statement of Values and Ethos


We will develop a happy, safe and secure environment in which the individual needs of all members of our community are met in order that they realise their potential to the full.         


  • We aim to help our learners to be happy and self-confident, to do their very best in all that they do, to develop the practical skills they need in life and to develop a love of learning so that they can make choices now and in the future.
  • We aim to protect every child’s right to learn and to celebrate their achievements.
  • We aim to work co-operatively with all members of the school community, parents and external agencies, recognising the contribution made by everyone to the education and well-being of the learners.
  • We aim to make a real difference to our learner’s quality of life and future opportunities through working together.



Learn best when their basic needs are met, they are safe, well and healthy, they are stimulated, motivated and challenged, valued, respected and treated fairly, have choices, are enabled to communicate and are listened to and feel included.

Need high quality teaching and learning environments with time to develop leisure and social skills, friendships and independence. 


Have a commitment to continuing professional development and learning, to enjoy their jobs and to be good role models respecting learners, their families and each other. 

Work together to provide high quality teaching, an environment that is happy and a curriculum that is relevant, practical and appropriate based on process and skill to help each of the learners reach their individual goals. 

Parents and Carers

Have a responsibility to support the education of their children, working in partnership with school and actively encouraging their learners to achieve their very best.

School leaders and governors 

Give clear direction and inspire the community, meet statutory responsibilities, share information, consult, listen and always place learner's at the heart of all the decisions made.